The Drone X pro is a quadcopter from the Hyperstech brand which we were eager to offer you the test. It’s now done and it’s time for us to give you our final impressions on this drone. This in-depth test will focus both on the drone’s mid-flight performance, its battery life and the various features it carries. A comparison with the Achine E58 which it seems a priori to be inspired by is to be found at the end of the article with the opinions of users and our conclusion. Are you ready ? Let’s go for the DroneX Pro test!

Design of the Drone X Pro

The first thing that strikes you with the Drone X Pro when you first see it is its small size. The drone measures 27 x 19.5 x 5 cm when its arms are extended, and 12.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm when its arms are folded inside. Indeed, this quadcopter belongs to the category of foldable drones which can easily fit on the palm of the hand as well as inside a pocket.

This small size contrasts greatly with the elegant, even imposing allure of the drone which sits proudly on its four feet. Like the Achine E58. The Drone X Pro offers clean lines with square shapes that give it a rather successful futuristic robot aspect. Gold colored bands cross its four feet and contrast nicely with the metallic gray color of the quadcopter. In short, in terms of design, the Drone X Pro is just a faithful copy of the Achine E58.

The drone’s camera is placed on the front of the device and does not disturb its general appearance. Note that the Drone X Pro is designed based on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). It is actually the thermoplastic polymer, a material known to be strong and which resists impact as well as scratches but also traction and high heat. A great job in the service of a finish as neat as it is elegant.

Ultimately, our impressions of the aesthetic aspect of the drone are satisfactory to say the least. However, we would have liked the manufacturer to do a little more originality instead of copying and pasting the design of the Achine E58.

Who is the Drone X Pro for?

The Drone X Pro is not a beast of power, to say the least. However, considering its price, this is quite normal. As a result, the Drone X Pro is primarily aimed at beginner dronists who wish to experience their first quadcopter piloting experiences.

However, even if it is primarily aimed at a neophyte audience, the Drone X Pro is nonetheless a drone with more than exciting potential. In reality, the performance of this quadcopter is above average for drones offered in this price range.

Indeed, the Drone X Pro has features that are quite rare to find in this type of foldable drone. It has features that allow it to compete with higher category drones like the Parrot Anafi. Reference is made in particular to its “altitude hold”, “hover” and “selfie” modes, but also to its “Flips and Roll 3D” mode, which we will talk about later in the article.

Note that this drone has been designed to satisfy people who like to take photos and more especially selfies. Thanks to its camera adjustable over 120 °, the Drone X Pro is the ideal drone for taking photos. As we will see later in the test of its camera, this device offers very decent shooting quality. Nevertheless, it is its excellent stability in flight that makes the Drone X Pro particularly recommendable for beginners. It is easily piloted thanks to excellent reactivity, both vertically and horizontally.

To put it simply, the Drone X Pro is aimed at beginner pilots who love selfies. However, its various features and excellent flight performance can also satisfy somewhat more experienced dronists.

Flight performance of the DroneX Pro

It is on the side of its performance in full flight that we find the first major asset of the Drone X Pro. As we have already mentioned, the potential of this drone is more than fair considering the price at which it is offered.

Indeed, without being a beast of power, the Drone X Pro offers a rather pleasant piloting experience and can be easily piloted. In reality, you won’t have much to do except launch the drone app from your smartphone.

In no time at all, its propellers will deploy and the drone will rise a few meters above the ground. Note the presence of an excellent “altitude hold” mode through which the drone will remain in stationary mode and wisely await your orders. Indeed, the Drone X Pro works thanks to a particularly powerful 6-axis gyroscopic self-stabilization technology. Note that this technology is sometimes, even often, unavailable even on drones of higher categories.

The X pro drone also has a “Flips and Roll 3d” feature that gives its movements a lot of agility without losing any of its precise positioning. We remind you that this mode will allow you, among other things, to perform acrobatics.

In addition to being equipped with these features, the quadcopter can reach very good speeds. Indeed, at full throttle, the German quadricopter can reach a speed of 12 meters per second. However, at this speed the drone tends to react less well to maneuvers carried out on the remote control. Therefore, we recommend that you drive it carefully and be reasonable in terms of speed.

Basically, again nothing new under the sun, it’s the Eachine E58 

DroneX Pro remote control

The Drone X Pro is supplied with a remote control with the same aesthetic characteristics as the Eachine E58.In reality, the remote control is only a support to place your smartphone and use the application designed to take control of the drone. Once your smartphone is placed below the remote control, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable grip and excellent control.

Note that the Drone X Pro incorporates gravity induction technology that will allow you to move your drone by simple movements of your phone. A mode that works correctly, even if we regret the presence of some rigidities at certain times. Note that the Achine E58 also embeds the same functionality.

Thanks to the application, it will be particularly easy for you to activate the three speed modes of the drone, but also to perform acrobatics with ease. A “Return Home” mode which is activated by a simple dedicated button on the remote control is also available.

As for the range of the remote control, it is 100 meters maximum.

Drone X Pro camera: is it really a drone optimized for selfies?

Immediately announced by the manufacturer, we could not wait to be able to take a closer look at this drone and especially to know a little more about the camera it carries.

The camera of the Drone X Pro offers an HD resolution of 720p and it is perhaps the best that we have been given to test in its price category (and this is normal since it is identical to the E58: p ).

With the X Pro drone, you will be able to take photos and record videos with ease. Its resolution of 12 MP guarantees you a very correct image quality. In addition, it incorporates a 360 ° rotation system to take panoramic photos.

Otherwise, you will even be able to follow the movement of your drone in real time from your smartphone thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity does not work reliably, without interruptions or latencies.

DroneX Pro battery

If we are excited about the various qualities of the Drone X Pro, we are not very satisfied with the autonomy of its battery. The quadcopter is powered by 3.7V 500mAh Lipo type battery which gives you 7-9 minutes flight time. In short, we expected a bit of that because it is the same drawback encountered on the E58. Relatively low numbers, especially from such a powerful drone. Note that only one battery is provided in the drone box and to take advantage of a longer flight time, you will need to consider buying a spare battery. For your information, the Drone X Pro battery takes 60 minutes to fully charge, which is quite correct.

As for the E58, it is possible to extend the autonomy of the device by purchasing additional, more powerful batteries:

Drone X Pro and Eachine E58: a compelling comparison


It’s striking how alike the two drones look. Both are foldable, are almost the same size, have the same color and have the same finish. Note that the Achine E58 predates the Drone X Pro. Therefore, we suspect the German company Hyperstech of having deliberately copied the Achine E58 or procured it in white label and just put its own mark on it.

Remote control

The two remote controls are almost identical. They have the same size and the same support for placing the smartphone. In terms of functionality, there are few, if any, differences. Both remotes have the same buttons that activate the same functionality.

Battery life

The two drones are powered by the same 3.7 V 350 mAh Lipo type battery offering a flight time ranging from 7 to 9 minutes.

Conclusion: we prefer the original model to the copy

Despite all its qualities, we are far from recommending this drone. In fact, this is just an identical copy of the Achine E58. The two drones have exactly the same characteristics. Therefore, we recommend that you take the Achine E58 or opt for another model such as the Parrot Anafi or a  Potensic drone.